Meet Dr. LSAT

Dr. LSAT is the premier LSAT tutor in the United States. He is a Master LSAT Tutor who has been teaching the LSAT (and ONLY the LSAT) for almost 12 years. He has now tutored over 1,000 students and has mentored students from every state and from many different nations - on 5 different continents. Each year he travels tens of thousands of miles all across the US and parts of Canada. On these trips he is accomplishing many goals simultaneously. He teaches LSAT Seminars to Fraternities, Sororities, and Student Government organizations. He visits with the admissions personnel at law schools to learn about their school, what they are looking for from potential students, how to maximize scholarships, and what they prefer seeing in the application process. Dr. LSAT also attends every LSAC Forum each year where he introduces his students to the admissions personnel from their goal schools. Lastly, the doctor uses his travels to meet his many students and work with them to prepare them for the test. There is no one teaching LSAT today who does all that Dr. LSAT does to ensure that his students have the most knowledgeable, well-researched, well-traveled, and very best tutor available.  This dedication pays off as Dr. LSATs average student adds 18 points to their LSAT score. No one will work harder than Dr. LSAT and LSAT911.ORG to get you into the law school of your dreams! 

On The Road With Dr. LSAT


President & Mrs. Jimmy Carter
Supreme Court Justice C. Thomas
#1 - Yale University
New Haven, CT.
#2 - Stanford
Stanford, CA.
#3 - Harvard University
Cambridge, MA.
#4 - University of Chicago
Chicago, IL.
#4 - Columbia University
New York, NY
#6 - New York University
New York, NY
#7 - University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA.
#8 - University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA.
#9 - University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI.
#9 - Northwestern University
Chicago, IL.
#9 - U.C.-Berkeley
Berkeley, CA.
#12 - Duke University
Durham, N.C.
#13 - Cornell Law School
Ithaca, NY
#14 - Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.
#15 - UC - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA.
#16 - UT-Austin
Austin, TX
#17 -Washington University St. Louis
St. Louis, MO.
#18 - University Southern California
Los Angeles, CA.
#18 - Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN.
#20 - Boston University
Boston, MA.
#21 - University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN.
#22 - University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN.
#23 - George Washington University
Washington, D.C.
#24 - Arizona State University
Phoenix, AZ.
#24 - Emory University School of Law
Atlanta, GA.
#24 - University of Florida
Gainesville, FL.
#27 - Fordham University
New York, NY
#27 - UC-Irvine
Irvine, CA.
#27 - University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA.
#27 - University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, N.C.
#31 - Boston College
Newton, MA.
#31 - University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL.
#31 - University of Georgia
Athens, GA.
#31 - University of Illinois
Champaign, IL.
#31 - Washington & Lee University
Lexington, VA.
#31 - William & Mary Law
Williamsburg, VA.
#37 - Brigham Young University
Provo, UT.
#38 - Indiana University-Bloomington
Bloomington, IN.
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#31 - Washington & Lee University

Lexington, VA.