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Help Shape a Future.....Donate Today

When a student-in-need gains admission to law school there is financial help available. There are hundreds of scholarships students may use to help pay their law school tuition. These scholarships are provided by law firms, alumnus and the law schools themselves. What is seriously lacking is assistance for students requiring help with the first step of gaining admission to law school: the LSAT. Thousands of students are denied entry into law school each year because they were unable to succeed on the admissions test. The LSAT is unlike any other standardized test. You cannot simply study for it - you need to be shown how to take it. Unfortunately, group lessons average $1500.00 and private lessons average $175 per hour - amounts that are out of reach for many students. You can help these students gain admission to a quality law school by donating funds to be used exclusively to cover the cost of LSAT tutoring. Below are several options of sponsorship which to choose from. 

Help Support A Student In Financial Need

If you would like to help support in need students please click on the Paypal link and donate any amount that you are able to give. If the amount is less than enough to cover a Full Tutoring Scholarship, the monies you donate will be pooled with other donations and used completely to give free or reduced cost tutroing sessions to students who have proven a great financial need. You may give a one time gift or contact us to set up an ongoing gift. Ongoing gifts may be be earmared for students from a certain institution, for students looking to be admitted to a certain law school, students involved in Student Government, members of an on-campus ethnic organization, from a state of your choosing or any other criteria you select. This donation is fully tax deductible.

Give A Student A Full Tutoring Scholarship

This is for anyone that would like to provide an at need student with a full tutroing scholarship. The scholarship will include 10 Private One-On-One In Person or Skype sessions as well as all materials that the student will need. You may donate anonymously or share your information with the recipient. You may have us select the student or you may be involved with the process. You can insist on any criteria you would like a potential recipient to have. For instance, you may require them to be from the state of your choosing, have a certain Undergrad major, write a paper on a subject such as why they want to pursue a law degree, etc. We will work with you to find a deserving student who meets the qualifications that are important to you. This donation is fully tax deductible.

Law Firm Annual Full Tutoring Scholarship(s)

Want to make a connection with the best future lawyers? Instead of trying to connect with underrepresented minority and at-need students after they have started law school why not find them before they get to school? By helping them when they most need it you will foster a relationship that is longer and stronger than the custom. Your firm can sponsor a single student once or you can set up an annual gift to help the number of students of your choosing each year. Contact us today to discuss the numerous options and many benefits your firm will receive by making these fully tax deductable donations. 

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