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We Have Helped Hundreds of Students Add To Their LSAT Scores and Gain Admittance To The Law Schools of Their Dreams. Our Students Have Also Garnered Millions of Dollars In Scholarship Monies. Whether They Attended Private Tutoring, Skype Tutoring, Group Sessions or Weekend Seminars, Our Students All Said The Same Thing:
LSAT911 Came To Their Rescue.....In A Big Way!
We Will Gladly Furnish You The Contact Information For Several of Our Past Students So You May Ask Them Personally About Their Experiences With LSAT911.ORG. Here Are The Stories From Just A Very Few Of Our Many Successful Former Students:

Dr. Adam H. - Tampa, FL.

Added 23 LSAT Points / Received Over $1.75 Million Dollars In Scholarship Offers

"After working as a doctor for a decade I decided I wanted to attend law school to add a J.D. to my resume. It had been a long time since I had been in a classroom or since I had taken a standardized test....and I had never seen anything like the LSAT in medical school. On my first pratice test I scored a 142 and freaked out a little. Thank goodness I found LSAT911! They explained I needed to be shown how to take the LSAT and we started working together. On the October 2012 LSAT I scored a 160 and on the December 2012 LSAT I scored a 165!"

Kristin G. - Miami, FL.

Received Over $2.5 Million Dollars in Scholarship Offers


"I took a free practice test through Kaplan and scored a 155. I wanted better so I took their course. I ended up only scoring a 159. I was expecting much more than just 4 points (after spending $1500) because I wanted to attend a top-10 school. Dr. LSAT worked with me, showed me HOW to take the LSAT and, after just 8 sessions, I took the December 2013 test. I got a 168 and an acceptance letter from Berkeley! Professional, great value, and they know what they are doing.”

Larry A. - Lynchburgh, VA.

Added 17 LSAT Points / Received Over $500,000 in Scholarship Offers

"I started my LSAT experience by taking a practice test and getting a terrible score. After paying a ton of money to Kaplan, and going through their entire course, I added just 3 points to my total! I was frustrated, upset and about ready to give up. Then I found LSAT911. On the October 2014 LSAT they helped me to add 9 points. For the February 2015 test I added another 8. Without them I either would not have gotten acepted to any school or I would have been forced to attend an awful Tier 4 school instead of the Tier 1 school I got into."

Ahad K. - Guyana, South America

Added 18 Points / Gained Admission to Tier I Law School

“I took a course at my college and I took TestMasters. Yet, I still got a terrible score on my first LSAT. I wasn't sure if law school was for me. Then I found LSAT911.ORG. I began Skype sessions from South America and, after several sessions, my score went up 11 points. Sean is patient but pushes you and in each session I found myself grasping the concepts and types of questions from each section. With my improved score I was able to get into a law school of my choice with a scholarship!! Sean believed in me even more than I believed in myself. THANK YOU LSAT911!”

Renee G. - Quincy, Massachusettes

Admission To T-14 School, Offers From 5 Top-25 Schools and 14 Tier I Schools

“I bought every book out there including the entire Power Score course. None of that helped me! I could not break a 155 no matter what I did. I knew I needed a great law school, or a good law school with a lot of scholarship money, and a 155 was not going to do that. Thank goodness I found LSAT911! After working with them I scored a 165 on the December 2009 LSAT and I got into my dream school: Georgetown Law."

Allison - Tallahassee, FL.

Accepted Offer From Goal School of University of Florida with Scholarship

“What can I say? 146 (Dec '15) before Dr. LSAT,,164 after (Feb '16) Dr. LSAT! Now I have my pick of law schools. The best money I have ever spent. Almost every day I am being offered $100,000 or $150,000 scholarships from different schools. Crazy!"

Kevin - Gainesville, FL.


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