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We're with you through the entire complicated process of being accepted to law school  

We are experts at far more than just how to defeat the LSAT. We've got you covered for every part of the admissions process. From the LSAT, to the application, personal statement, letters of recommendation, selection of schools, fee waivers, scholarships, and even how to get scholarship offers doubled. Getting our students into their dream schools is our only goal! We travel the country - not just teaching the LSAT- but also visiting law schools from coast to coast. In fact, we have visited EVERY law schools in the country - NO other LSAT tutor can claim this. We attend every LSAC Law School Forum each year as well as many of the smaller regional forums. We know the schools and, more importantly, we have fostered relationships with the admissions people.  We know what is important to them - and what is not. We know which personal statements they are craving and which ones they are tired of reading. This is our business and our mission. And remember, No One Will Work Harder To Get You Into The Law School of Your Dreams!

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