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Proven Success: 100% of our
students improve their score. Average LSAT gain: 18 points

As we begin to close out our first decade of teaching the LSAT it is a perfect time to reflect on some of the hundreds of students we have helped to achieve their dreams. We have had well over 100 students come to us with an LSAT score below 139. They were positive that their goal of law school would never be reached and they had given up hope that they could conquer the test. Dozens and dozens of those same students are now successful attorneys, or are in their goal law schools today getting ready for their future careers. We were able to assist those students in achieving LSAT scores  from 155 to 174 as well as every score in-between! If you have a better grasp of the LSAT and a higher starting score - even better! We can get you to your goal score that much quicker. We've had hundreds of students come to us with scores of 145, 155 and 160. We have raised those students up from awful Tier III and IV law schools into terrific Tier I and even T-14 schools such as Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Penn, Berkeley and more.

Let LSAT911.ORG do the same for you!

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