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Individualized, Customized
Learning ​Plans

Each LSAT student is different. Yet, most every company has a single LSAT program that they teach to each and every one of their students - especially when they have 30+ students shoved into a group classroom. It's one of the biggest reasons that the students of these sessions do not usually attain much  success on the LSAT. At LSAT911.ORG we understand that each student starts at a different place and learns at a different pace and that is why we believe so strongly in private one-on-one LSAT sessions. For this reason we offer one-on-one sessions for less than the big compaines charge for group LSAT sessions! We believe every student learns better in one-on-one private sessions with a Master LSAT Tutor. One reason is the individual plan your tutor will create to address your LSAT strengths and weaknesses and modify that plan as your understanding increases. At LSAT911.ORG you are NEVER a random face in a giant group of students being treated the same.

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