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Our Skype sessions are the same as our One-On-One tutoring sessions except you don't have to drive anywhere (or even get out of your pajamas). This is an excellent option for students across the country (and the globe) who do not live in the one of the cities where we offer in-person tutoring. We know you might be worried about not being face-to-face with your tutor. However, the Skype sessions really are exactly the same. In fact, more than half of our students have used our Skype sessions exclusively. Even though we never 'met' them in the real world they achieved the exact same results as those students who used in-person tutoring. By the way, you will actually be face-to-face with your tutor - with just the computer screen between you. We have had students in Africa, the Virgin Islands, Southeast Asia, and all over the world who have benefited greatly from our services even though we never met in-person. Even our One-On-One students sometimes use Skype sessions for when they have to be out of town or when they go back home during school breaks.


Each Skype session lasts two hours. Your tutor will create a plan and program specifically to help you reach your LSAT goals. Most students choose one Skype session per week and they average 10 sessions. However, there is no minimum required. You can do a single Skype session to see if it is something you like. Then continue with 6, 10, or even 15 more. Simply click on the button below to purchase your Skype sessions or feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have.

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