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Daily Webinars

Almost 100 Hours Of LIVE Tutoring Each Month
For One Low Price

Each month our instructors host at least 40 live tutoring sessions (each one hour to three hours long) and you're invited to attend them all! Each day usually has one or two sessions. Some are scheduled in the mornings while others are at night. Some cover games, reading comprehension, or logical reasoning while others cover writing your best Personal Statement or teach you how to get your scholarship offers doubled. Sessions cover every aspect of the LSAT, LSAC, and applying and getting into law school.


Here's how it works: Simply purchase one month (or more) of Webinars. You'll receive a log-in link that you can access from a computer anywhere in the world. Next, check our Webinar calendar below for the dates and times of the Webinars that interest you. At the appointed time log-in and join the class. You can ask questions, take notes, or just sit back and listen. You can also join every session or just those that interest you. Each month you will have almost 100 hours of LIVE professional tutoring as close as your laptop...and all for less than $150.

Monthly Webinar Calendar of Events 




March 01,


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