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Important LSAT Information: 

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Most Important Law School Acceptance Factor

Letters of recommendation, GPA, Personal Statement....these are all factors used to determine whether a school will offer you acceptance. However, NOTHING else comes close to determining your acceptance as much as the LSAT. If you do not have the required LSAT score you will NOT gain admittance. It does not matter how high your GPA is or how many letters of recommendation you have from sitting U.S. Senators. However, if you do not have those letters you can make up for that by adding an extra point or two to your LSAT score! A high LSAT score is the great equalizer. Do you not have the money to go to law school? Add LSAT points and you can go to ANY school for FREE (see below). Have a lower than average GPA? Simply add another LSAT point or two and make up for that low average. Want to ensure yourself a good, high-paying job? Add some LSAT points so you can move from a Tier II or III school into a top Tier I school. Any concerns about being accepted to law school can be fixed by adding points to your LSAT score. Let LSAT911.ORG help you get into the law school of your dreams by defeating the LSAT!

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"I Heard You Should Only Take The LSAT Once"

This is the WORST and most destructive rumor floating around on the internet. The LSAC formerly allowed students to take the LSAT three times in a two-year period. In September of 2017 they lifted this limit and allow students unlimited tries until September of 2019 when they changed the rules once again. Currently you may take the test 3 times in a testing year (June 1 - May 31), a total of 5 times in this, and the past 4 years combined, and a total of 7 times over a lifetime. Almost no schools in the country average your scores and they ONLY USE YOUR TOP SCORE to determine admittance offers. Because of this, the worst thing you can do is to take the test only one time. Here is why: Each point you add to your LSAT scores adds roughly 6-8 more schools that will say 'yes' to your application. So adding just 3 points by taking the test a second time can add roughly 20 more schools that will admit you. Just as importantly, those extra 3 points can be worth as much as $75,000 in scholarship money that schools will now offer because of your higher score. Take the test a third time and add just another 3 points and you add another 25 schools and $50,000-100,000 in scholarships. Those 6 points could take you from a Tier III or IV school (say an LSAT of 152) to a Tier I Top-40 school such as the University of Kansas (158). That is an example that uses only a 3 point gain each time!! Most of our students add at least 5 points from one test to the next! 

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You Can Go To ANY Law School For Free!

We are not sure why the majority of the potential students that contact us do not know this important fact. Each and every law school has students attending absolutely FREE. In fact, some schools also give students extra money to help with books, rent and other expenses. This is true at Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and all the way down to the worst schools in the country. There is no secret how you get this money from the school. All you need is extra LSAT points over the schools median LSAT score. Once your score hits their 75th percentile they may offer you a one-time gift of $5,000 or $5,000 per year. Add 2 more points and the offer could increase to $10,000 per year, or maybe a one-time $25,000. Once you add roughly 6-8 points over their 75th percentile LSAT score the FULL SCHOLARSHIP offers start rolling in. These numbers are not set for each and every school but this is generally true. What causes different offers? One biggie is whether the school is a state school or a private institution. State law schools tuition is typically 50% less than private law schools - so they do not give money quite as freely. Also most state schools simply do not have as much money to give as private schools. But, with a high enough LSAT score even these state schools offer 100% scholarships! 


Why Is It Important to Receive These Scholarships?


The legal field has changed. There are less high paying jobs available to today's graduates. If you graduate from Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Michigan, Penn, etc. you should not have a problem finding a good, high-paying job. So, its ok to take out students loans to finance your degree. The problem is when your LSAT score is only good enough to get into a Tier III or IV school. The job prospects are horrendous out of these awful schools (as low as 30%). And, at many of these schools, students leave with as much as $200,000 in debt! It is impossibe to pay off students loans that large if you can't get a job. The bad news does not stop there however. If you are lucky enough to secure a job out of one of these schools - the average first year salary is roughly $45,000....after 3 years of law school! How do you pay off $200,000 when you only make $45k? This is why, if you have to go to one of these low-ranked schools you have to go there on a full scholarship....that way you at least have a free doctorate degree. Your goal should be the best law school you can get into with at least a 50% scholarship. Then you can compare those schools that admit you to the higher ranked schools that offer you a spot without any scholarship money and decide which would be better for you. At LSAT911.ORG we are here to help you make these tough decisions when the time comes.  

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