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Top Law Schools:
"#1 Acceptance Factor"

Each law school will tell you that diversity is imporant to them. They preach how they are interested in more than just the numbers and how badly they want well-rounded applicants, those that can bring different experiences to campus. That may all be true... however these same schools put the most weight, by far, into one factor determing acceptance.



Biggest LSAT Fallacy:
"You Should Only Take The LSAT Once"

Anyone researching the LSAT online will very quickly find the advice that no one should take the test more than once. No other LSAT advice is as pervasive and none other is so absolutely wrong as this myth that simply will not die. Years ago the majority of law schools would average all of your LSAT scores together.    



How To Go To Any Law School For FREE

Law School is different from any other type of graduate school. Each law school in the country has students attending their school completely free...and that includes Yale, Harvard, Stanford...each and every law school. What is the secret to getting a law school to offer you a full scholarship (worth as much as $250,000)?




1.  Yale University

2.  Stanford University

3.  Harvard University

4.  Columbia University

4.  University of Chicago

6.  New York University

6.  University of Pennsylvania

8.  University of Virginia

9.  U.C. - Berkeley

10. Duke University

10. University of Michigan

12. Northwestern University

13. Cornell University


14. UC - Los Angeles

15. Georgetown

16. University of Texas - Austin

16. Vanderbilt

16. Washington Univ - St. Louis

19. USC

20. Boston University

21. University of Florida

22. University of Minnesota

22. University of Notre Dame

24. UNC - Chapel Hill 

25. Arizona State University

25. University of Alabama

27. Geo. Washington University

27. University of Georgia 

29. Boston College

29. Brigham Young University

29. Emory University

29. University of Illinois

29. University of Iowa

29. University of Wisconsin

35. Fordham University

35. UC - Davis

35. UC - Irvine

35. Washington & Lee University

35. William & Mary



40. Ohio State University

41. George Mason University

41. Wake Forest University

43. Indiana University-Bloom.

43. University of Utah

45. University of Washington

46. Pepperdine University

46. University of Arizona

48. Florida State University

48. University of Colorado

50. UC - Hastings

50. University of Maryland

TIER II Law Schools - (51-100)

52. Southern Methodist Univ.

53. Temple University

53. Texas A&M University

53. University of Richmond

53. Villanova University

53. Yeshiva University

58. Baylor University

58. University of Connecticut

60. Penn State - Dickinson Law

60. Penn State - Univ. Park

60. Tulane University

60. University of Houston

60. University of Missouri

60. University Nevada - L.V.

60. University of Tennessee

67. Northeastern University

67. University of Oklahoma

67. University of Pittsburgh

70. Seton Hall University

70. University of Kansas

72. Case Western Reserve

72. Loyola Marymount

72. St. John's University 

72. University of Miami

72. University of Oregon

72. Wayne State University

78. Georgia State University

78. Loyola University - Chicago

78. University of Denver

81. American University

81. Brooklyn Law

81. Drexel University

81. University of Cincinnati

81. University of Kentucky 

86. University of San Diego

87. University of Nebraska

88. Florida International 

88. Lewis & Clark

88. Univ. of New Hampshire



91. Howard University

91. Illinois Institute Technology

91. Michigan State University

91. Rutgers University

91. St. Louis University

96. University of Arkansas

96. Univ. of South Carolina

98. Univ. at Buffalo - SUNY

98. University of Hawaii

98. University of Louisville        98. University of Mississippi


TIER I Law Schools - (Top 50)

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